One of my favourite minerals. I generally dont go without it, I even bring it on holidays with me. I started taking magnesium about 3 yeaars ago in tablet form and have tried various forms of it. At the moment I am loving  OCEAN MAG by NUTRITION ONE. It is in powder form and extracted from the ocean. I like to take it in the evening before bed as I find it great for sleep.

There are other benefits of taking magnesium,

RELAXANT. Whether it is for twitchy muscles, cramps or sore tired muscles.

MOOD BALANCING. Daily intake of magnesium can help balance the nerves and mood.

ENERGY. Magnesium is necessary for energy production on a cellular level, and can support the adrenals in times of stress.

RECOVERY. Very important in the rcovery for athletes after a trainiing session or big event.


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