Fermenting Workshop

Fermenting is getting very popular the last couple of years and its so easy to make your own. I have been running fermenting workshops for small groups very successfully here  in store.

Fermenting isnt a new fad, it has been around for hundreds of years. Fruit and vegetables can be fermented successfully by a process called lacto fementation. Sugars and starches found in fruit and vegetables are converted to lactic acid, and this is the natural preservative that inhibits bad bacteria.

The most common fermented food is probably SAUERKRAUT, others would be kimchi, cucumber,onions, relishes, chutney and yogurt etc. Lacto fermented fruit and vegetables are easy to prepare. Selected items are washed and chopped, mixed with salt and herbs, pounded for a couple of minutes to help release some of the juices and then pressed into sterilised jars. Salt inhibits the bacteria spoiling the foods until there is enough lactic acid to preserve it. After about 3 days it is ready to be consumed but can be kept in an airtight jar in a cool dark place for many months.

It is very important to use the best quality foods, ideally organic, to get the best results and to prevent the foods being spoiled.

The benefits of fermenting are huge.

Aids digestion.

Improves fat metabolism.

Helps reduce cholesterol.

Improves the Ph of the system.

improves gut flora.

Balances blood sugars.

Boosts the immune system.





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