Exam Time

Its almost that time of year again.. EXAMS. For anybody with students in the house you can understand how stressful it is for everybody, not just the student doing the exam!!

Having a good healthy nutritious diet is so important year round but even more so if there are deadlines to meet, such as exams. It is important to support the mind, to stay focused for the long hours spent in the books.

Omega 3 (Essential fatty acids) is one supplement that should be taken. It has so many benefits to the student (actually every body should be taking omega 3), such as:

Brain function.. improves the concentration levels, keeping the brain focused and sharp for longer.

Anti inflammatory..DHA, an essential fatty acid necessary for pain and inflammation regulation, also necessary for circulation, including to the brain.

Sleep..taking a regular dose of omega 3 can help improve sleep, therefore resulting in a greater performance throughout the day.

Immune boosting..taking a daily dose of omega 3 can also help boost the immune system so that you dont get run down or sick.

Taking a good vitamin B complex will also help manage stress levels, The B vitamins help convert our food to energy giving us the power to get through the day physically and mentally. A good supply of the B vitamins

will help balance mood

combat fatigue

boost energy levels

improve stamina

improve cognitive function

So dont forget, its not too late to start taking these 2 supplements. Also watch the diet, choose healthy snacks that will benefit you in the long run. A couple of ideas to help you with fast food for the brain..

BREAKFAST.. eggs (boiled, poached or scrambled) on toast. Doesnt have to be the traditional cereal, why not try quinoa with mixed berries, cinnamon and brown rice syrup.

LUNCH..chickpeas with salad fruit and vegetables such as peppers, cucumber, avocado, chives, parsley, with a little olive oil. Again it doesnt have to be a sandwich!

DINNER..meat, beans, lentils are all good sources of protein, pair it up with plenty of vegetables. Curry and rice, quinoa/millet with roasted vegetables.

SNACKS.. during the day snack on nuts such as walnuts, brazils and almonds, preferably not salted, in moderation and with a piece of fruit. Hummus with carrot/pepper sticks. Cheese on rice cakes.

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