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VONS HEALTH STORE stock a large selection of organic and non organic foods from all leading brands. Also available at VONS HEALTH STORE are nuts, grains, pulses, beans and muesli, which can be purchased loose by weight.

We also have a range of healthy snacks and bars, including gluten free and sugar free products.

As a trained chef, Yvonne provides free recipes available to customers.

We have recently added a barista style coffee machine, offering the smoothest Americanos, Lattes and Cappuccinos. Our beans have been sourced from around the world and roasted locally by COFFEE CULTURE. Why not sit in (or take out) and have a PUNCY ITALIAN or CLASSIC STYLE BLEND.

If you don't see a product you want, let us know and we will do our best to source it.

Doves Farm Flours

dovesfarm-logoDoves Farm flours produce a variety of organic and fairtrade flours, pastas and snacks. They also have selection of gluten free products.

Irelands raw kitchen

nuanatural-logoIrelands Raw Kitchen where all products are ethically sourced, fairly traded and organic where possible. Raw and superfoods are rich in phytonutrients and antioxidants and are therefore very nutritionally benefical.

Emilie Noel

emilenoel-logoEmilie Noel was founded in 1920 and produces 20 organic virgin vegetable oils such as olive, walnut, pumpkin, sesame and sunflower to name but a few. These can be incorporated in the diet on a daily basis and reaping the benefits of all these omegas.


organ-logoOrgran develops food products to assist people in improving their health and diet. All Orgran products are vegan and free from gluten, dairy, wheat, egg, GMO and yeast. The Orgran production plant is one of the few plants in the world that are strictly dedicated to providing gluten free products.


clearspring-logoClearspring is a privately owned UK company sine 1980, providing the industry with great tasting traditional foods that support good health, sustainable farming and provide economic stability for producer communities.


meridian-logoNuts and seeds have been in our diet for thousands of years, providing a good source of vegetable protein and energy. They contain mono and polyunsaturated fats which are beneficial for heart health. Many nuts and seeds contain phytoserols which can help in the reduction of cholesterol.


biona-logoAll Biona products are organic and 100% traceable. They produce a selection of tined beans and bottled juices. All their products are highly nutritious and hugely beneficial in the daily diet.


manuka-logoManuka healths premium manuka honey range contains certified levels of methylglyoxal from MGO 30+ to MGO 550+, the highest strength. It is known for its unique anti bacterial properties. There is on going research uncovering the benefits of manuka honey in oral care, skin care, digestion and many more.


clipper-logoClipper is always natural, fair and delicious with a huge selection of black, green, white, fruit and fusions which have huge dietary benefits from detoxifing to calming and soothing. Clipper have received GOLD TASTE AWARD in 2011 for their fennel tea and also peppermint tea.


puka-logoPukka offer a selection of teas for every mood from the rise of MORNING TEA to the calm of NIGHT TIME tea. Keeping in balance with nature the herbs are fair trade and sustainably harvested.


nairns-logoThere has been a great deal of research into the positive health benefits of oats. Oats are high in fibre and contain complex carbohydrates which give you a natural and wholesome boost to help you get the most out of your day.


summa-logoWe are a licensee of the Fairtrade Foundation, selling around 80 different Fairtrade products under our own brand and extolling the virtues of Fairtrade to anyone who will listen! We have a huge range of Fairtrade, organic wholefoods and fine foods plus Ecoleaf- our own brand of eco-friendly cleaning products!

Natures Store

naturesstore-logoNature’s Store is enjoyed by coeliac’s and consumers who adopt a Gluten Free, Healthier lifestyle. We try to introduce new ingredients from around the globe to offer a taste adventure.


kallo-logoEverything we make, from our range of plain or seasoned rice cakes to our breadsticks, cereals and organic stock cubes, is natural. That means lots of wholegrains, no added MSG and no artificial additives. With Kallo, you can have your cake and eat it.

Thai Gold

thaigold-logoThai Gold is a wonderful new range of ingredients to help you cook up some simple, quick and delicious Thai food in your own home. Our products are completely authentic and natural, with nearly all natural ingredients and where possible organically produced.

Natures Path

naturespath-logoWe are a family-run, passionately independent, sustainably-driven, deliciously-healthy organic food company that believes in "leaving the earth better than we found it". Yes, that's quite a mouthful, but we have a lot to say. So yes, sometimes it's OK to talk with your mouthful.


amisa-logoThe Amisa brand provides nutritious, healthy organic food that cares for consumers with special dietary needs. All Amisa Gluten free products are batch tested for gluten - so you can trust and enjoy them. Our foods avoid the use of additives, preservatives and chemical pesticides.


tilquhillie-logoTilquhillies oats are both, grown and harvested, then milled, on dedicated farms. The oat grown is of a single older variety and despite its lower yield is wonderfully creamy which seems to suit even the most sensitive  digestive systems.  With a soft texture and distinctive taste we are sure you will enjoy every mouthful.


nakd-logoNakd bars are a healthy and nutritious snack. Nakd bars are packed with a blend of natural fruits and nuts. They are gluten and dairy free with no added sugar or hidden extras. Perfect for the school lunch box!


bounce-logoBounce Energy Balls are an amazingly convenient and tasty way to nourish your body, satisfy your hunger and sustain your energy. They're great nutrition for when you're on the go - or at any time you don't want to compromise on what you eat.

9 Bar

9bar-logoSeeds contain all 9 essential amino acids. 9bar's unique mix of seeds and natural ingredients is a great source of compact natural nutrition and energy. Every single 9bar is made with a unique blend of wholesome seeds like sunflower, pumpkin, poppy, sesame and hemp. Some of our bars also contain delicious nuts such as cashews, hazelnuts and peanuts.


panda-logoPanda Natural Original Liquorice contains only four meticulously selected premium ingredients (you know what you eat!) and less than 0.5% fat, and it is lovingly made with natural colours and flavours. Panda Liquorice doesn’t contain additives, preservatives, white sugar or salt. It is suitable for a Vegetarian and Vegan diet. It is also a Kosher and Halal product. 

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